Midsummer Match Cup introduces a whole new game

The inaugural edition of Midsummer Match Cup starts tomorrow. With a new arena and newly formed mixed crews, it’s difficult to predict which team will bring home the trophy. 

Midsummer Match Cup is the first international match racing event with a rule stating that all teams must compete with two men and two female sailors. The event has attracted a number of the biggest names in the sport but with newly formed crews with limited training together, it’s difficult to say which team should be regarded as a favorite.

“It’s a completely new event, which is exciting. But all teams are new because of the mixed rule, and nobody really knows what to expect. Every team will have a lot of learning to do at the start and the winners will be the ones that are able to improve the most from day one until the final day”, says Ian Williams, the number one ranked male skipper int eh world.

For his team GAC Pindar, Williams has picked Hannah Diamond, Gerry Mitchell and Sara Stone and they were out on the water in Skärhamn to test the race course.
“It’s obviously a very tight race course but it’s enough for the boats we are using. And it’s going to be great for the spectators because there’s no way we are going to be very far away from them”, says Williams.

Team GAC Pindar training in Skärhamn. 


Lucy Macgregor (GBR), reigning Match Racing World Champion, says she enters the regatta with the same confidence as any other regatta.
– It’s a lot of firsts for us with new boats, a new team and a new venue, but that’s what we love about match racing and we are looking forward to getting started. It’s pretty shifty out on the course and I’m sure that we be a determining factor.

Team Macgregor – Ollie Spensley-Corfield, Lucy Macgregor, Duncan Yeabsley och Rosie Watkins.

For Johnie Berntsson, one of the founders of the event in Skärhamn, it means a lot that the event is getting started.

“It’s and incredible feeling to see all these sailors arriving here in Skärhamn and the beautiful Race Village being built. It’s going to be a great event. All the teams are starting fresh and we are all going to have to fight to improve together as teams from the first start in the first flight. I’m positive that we are going to see steep learning curve for a lot of teams”.

The event is decided in a full Round Robin followed by quarter finals, semi finals and a final, which is raced on Saturday June 29th. Read more about the event schedule here.

Team Johnie Berntsson – Erik Malmberg, Anna Skarenhed, Linda Rahm and Johnie Berntsson.