Midsummer Match Cup June 25-29 2019

A warm thank you to everybody who helped making the inaugural edition of Midsummer Match Cup in Skärhamn possible!

Changing the game

With the Midsummer Match Cup we are introducing a new and unique concept in match racing. There have been major competitions with mixed teams before, for example the Volvo Ocean Race, where a change to the rules made it advantageous to include women in the teams. We are taking it one step further, introducing a brand-new concept where men and women compete on equal terms. Midsummer Match Cup will be the first Match Racing Competition in the world where the rules stipulate that each team should be mixed, with at least two men and two women onboard.

Core principles

Midsummer Match Cup is an international event with sailing at its core – built on local resources, long term partnerships and innovative solutions. The event gathers the best match racers in the world at a spectacular venue. By working with local suppliers for everything from food to services we are able to showcase the unique range the region has to offer. All investments are made taking a long-term perspective with the clear purpose of establishing Tjörn and Skärhamn as a premier sailing destination.

A diamond in the rough

For sailors Skärhamn has always been an important harbor, since the days of the first sail driven fishing boats, to the modern freight ships and vacation cruisers of today. As Skärhamn becomes the host to the world’s first mixed match racing regatta, the ocean will once again be the center of attention. As a spectator you can keep a close eye on the competition from the cliffs that surround the harbor, but you can also enjoy the best food and culture the city has to offer – from fresh seafood, salty swims, leisurely strolls through narrow alleys and over granite bluffs to world class art at the Nordic Watercolor Museum.


The initiator to the competition is top-ranked Swedish skipper Johnie Berntsson, an active match racer for many years, who grew up, and learnt how to sail, on Tjörn, and currently resides in Stenungsund.  

The municipality of Tjörn, a close partner, has a clear vision of how the event will develop and evolve over time and are helping to establish Skärhamn as a premier international sailing destination.

The event is organized by Brandspot who have previously arranged a multitude of large international sailing events such as the Gothenburg and Stockholm stopovers for the Volvo Ocean Race, the America’s Cup World Serie in Gothenburg and the GKSS Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand.


Host Club

The host club for the event is Tjörns Segelsällskap, one of Sweden’s westernmost sailing clubs. The club arranges a wide variety of competitions, amongst them the popular offshore competition Pater Noster Race and various championship events. TjSS also have an extensive youth program. It is the club’s ambition that Midsummer Match Cup will be a step towards developing the future sailing program.


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